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Australian Heavy & Extreme Metal

It's a long way to the shop... if you want a sausage roll.

Aussie Metal
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Australian Metal, Metal, Extreme Metal, Heavy Metal
Welcome to australianmetal.

This is THE LJ community for Australian Metal & Metalheads anywhere in Australia.

The Australian metal scene is unique to the world. We have one of the most truly underground scenes. Our geographic reality - of urban centres separated by vast tracts of rural land & wilderness, can make it really hard for bands to get their music to the Australian Metalheads who want to hear it. This community is intended to help spread the madness.

Where ever you are in Australia, it doesn't matter if you can't get to gigs in Melbourne or Sydney. If you have metal moods, this community should be of interest to you. People from rural areas, & the smaller scenes in Tassie, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, & Brissie are especially welcome here, as you can educate the rest of us about the music going on in the underground where you live. Don't think you're not living somewhere important, just because your scene might be small. Often a country town is where some of the best bands start out - core members of Destroyer666 & Blood Duster originally hail from rural areas, so don't EVER feel like you're on the outer.

Of course anyone from overseas who is interested in Australian Metal is more than welcome to join.

Go nuts. Tape trade. Plug your gigs. Share news from your local scene. Have long distance headbangin' relationships. Build your own bullet belt empire. Join... - australianmetal.

The community is designed to pick up the slack from the regional LJ communities, like metal4melbourne & sydneymetal, & the various regional goth communities. It is not indended to replace communities like metal4melbourne or sydneymetal at all - those two scenes are big enough & busy enough to always have groups talking about their local goings-on. australianmetal is intended to be national in focus, but unlike australianmusic the focus in australianmetal will always be HEAVY.

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150 interests is no where near enough to list all the metal bands who have come out of Australia. For further reading, please check out The Australian Metal Guide.

Know of any bands who aren't listed there? TELL US! That's what this community is for!!

Would people mind not posting the flyer for a gig or event more than once in the community. Double and triple postings of the same thing, make the community feed far less subscription-friendly, & more spammy & annoying - and the community page itself becomes a chore to read through, due to needless repetition. We applaud your contribution, but it is always cooler if you just post flyers once unless there's a change to the event people need to know about. Thanks.

Please Note: This community is a forum for Heavy Metal music. It is not a forum for racism, sexism or homophobia, & Livejournal has policies against that sort of thing, so be intelligent & keep it friendly.
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